Calvin Hirsch – Awarded Sacramento’s Top Doctor 2018-2021

Dr. Calvin Hirsch

October 5, 2022

Calvin Hirsch - Awarded Sacaramentos Top Doctor 2018-2021

Dr Calvin Hirsch is a highly respected senior physician with more than three years of experience. He has received several honours, including being named a Top Doctor in Sacramento four times. His research has been instrumental in improving care for older adults. He also helps fund the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute NIH, which helps older adults stay healthy.

Calvin Hirsch’s career in geriatric medicine

Dr Calvin Hirsch has worked in various areas of geriatric medicine for over thirty years. He initially decided to pursue an infectious disease fellowship. However, he soon shifted his focus to senior health care policy. He felt that the current health care system was failing older adults. He began to see himself in their shoes. This insight spurred him to pursue geriatric medicine.

After completing a two-year fellowship at Stanford, Dr Calvin Hirsch joined the faculty of UC Davis Health, where he taught for 30 years. He emphasized empathetic treatment and helped students understand the needs and emotions of older adults. He also highlighted common mistakes in treatment and minimized risks.

Hirsch was an early career geriatric physician who trained many young doctors. His training centre is one of the most highly respected in the field. He takes the time to get to know the unique needs of geriatricians and how to serve them best.

His involvement in the Cardiovascular Health Study

While working for the National Health Service Corps in Tenderloin, San Francisco, Dr Hirsch was responsible for seeing elderly patients who were low-income and often lived alone. As a result, he felt a strong responsibility to care for these patients. Unfortunately, many of these patients had no family members who could help.

In 1990, Dr Hirsch accepted a position at the U.C. Davis Health, gradually rising to full professor. During this time, he established a successful life in Davis, California. He also directed the U.C. Davis Geriatrics Clinic and was voted the best doctor in Sacramento from 2011 to 2021. Upon retirement in 2021, Dr Hirsch will continue to supervise clinical studies and teach at U.C. Davis.

Dr Calvin Hirsch is well-known throughout UC Davis and has impacted many lives, both medically and educationally. His contributions to UC Davis include supervising medical residents caring for complicated patients in the inpatient medical service, the outpatient General Medicine Clinic, and the Internal Medicine Geriatrics Clinic.

His dedication to improving senior care

Dr Calvin Hirsch has been recognized as one of the Top Doctors in Sacramento for many years. He is board certified in both internal medicine and geriatrics. He also holds a California State Medical License until 2023. Hirsch’s dedication to improving senior care has earned him national and local recognition. He has spent most of his career in geriatric medicine, and he feels this field is advantageous. Older adults have unique health issues and require doctors with the knowledge and experience to treat them effectively.

As an educator, Dr Hirsch has trained many future physicians in academic geriatrics. His students have gone on to distinguished careers in academic geriatrics. His teaching philosophy focused on minimizing risks while providing the best care possible. He also emphasized empathy and understanding of the needs of seniors in his teaching.

After his studies, Dr Calvin Hirsch accepted a position at the University of California, Davis. He began as an assistant but soon rose to full professor. During his 31 years at U.C. Davis, he supervised the Geriatrics Clinic. In the years that followed, the clinic was transformed into the Healthy Aging Initiative.